Audience feedback

Audience feedback

“I was surprised that you could present something that moved me after all I
have seen and read about Germany 1900-1950”

“This performance should be taken around the country, particularly in schools”

“I never realised what was happening locally”

“Helps to restore my faith in the young generation”

“Brilliant, very moving and informative”

“A very different kind of Upstairs/Downstairs”

“Exceptionally moving and powerful performances (genuinely) by all.”

“This was a fantastic depiction of local history. I wish more people, especially schoolchildren could see this.”

“Tremendous project and achievement. The heritage it has unearthed is very important and valuable.

“I was on the Normandy beaches, then into Hannover and Belsen.”

“wonderful image of the period by use of costume”

“cleverly done with atmospheric little presentations, full of emotion and symbolism”.

“the young people were a reminder of the generation that was lost”.

“nice contrast to written facts given in first half, to more visual, sensory influenced performance given in second half.”

“fantastic, full on acting, far more instructive and emotional that I had expected”

“the reality of actual clothes, uniforms and possessions made the experience multi-dimensional and deep.”

“the way we were guided through the narrow corridors made me feel like I was a prisoner at times. the sound in particular added to this. Excellent costumes and attention to detail.”

“Loved the movement, the technology ­ not too intrusive, but definitely intrinsic to the production.”

“you really need to keep the project going, it has such power to inform and educate”

“Absolutely fantastic! The very best bit of drama I have experienced for years. The professionalism of your young actors was exemplary”

“I had the pleasure of attending the dress rehearsal yesterday afternoon and would like to congratulate the company, director, actors/actresses and guides for putting on such a fine performance.. I thought the cast played their parts so well and the use of period costumes added to the quality output. The use of the original site was a great idea, (how wonderful it would be if a permanent setting could be at this site ! )  The use of recordings, head -sets, contemporary film and piano playing was well balanced.  The organisation of the event was very professional and efficient and a good understanding of such an important subject was well  covered in under 2 hours. The movement of people around the premises was also very well handled given the number of people attending and confined sizes of areas . The providing of refreshments, by the suitably attired Nippy ladies, was very thoughtful. It was a most informative and educating production and it was pleasing to see such a wide ranging audience including many young and non-Jewish people there.

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